We Are a Community of Choice

Selecting Pleasant Hill as the place to live and do business is intentional. People choose us because they share our commitments to community. They want a thriving quality of life. They want a strong school district. They want the closest connection to the vibrant attractions of downtown Des Moines while enjoying neighborhood level access to more than 300 miles of peaceful trails. They value engagement and partnership with their City. They want to make a difference. So they are intentional. They choose Pleasant Hill.

You want to make a community impact with your investment. You need the right local partnership to make it happen. This is about more than putting up a building, expanding services, and raising revenue. This is about your impact. The city you elevate. The lives you touch. The dedicated workforce that performs every day. The importance of your brand and image. Everything matters, and it all matters to us.

Our City staff and elected officials relentlessly partner with the business community. We have high expectations of ourselves and our partners. In Pleasant Hill, you are much more than a number on the tax-roll - you are the difference maker. We stand ready to partner with you to ensure your vision for success in Pleasant Hill.

Be intentional. Choose Pleasant Hill.

East Polk Innovation Collaborative

The City of Pleasant Hill partners with East Polk Innovation Collaborative for assistance with marketing and business retention. The organization was formed by four Iowa communities, including Altoona, Bondurant, Mitchellville, and Pleasant Hill, all located in Eastern Polk County immediately east and northeast of the City of Des Moines, Iowa.
East Polk Innovation Collaborative logo

For more information, contact Executive Director Alex Lynch at 515.957.0088.

The City of Pleasant Hill also works closely with other local and state organizations, such as the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

Why Pleasant Hill? 

Pleasant Hill is a young and vibrant community that was incorporated in 1956 with more than 9,314 residents. We encourage you to learn about all the great things Pleasant Hill has to offer by clicking on the infographic below.
City of Pleasant Hill infographic