Licenses & Permits

The following is an explanation of the licenses and permits issued by the City Clerk’s office and an abbreviated guide to the application process. For more information, contact the City Clerk’s office at 515-262-9368 during regular business hours, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Mon - Fri.

Alcoholic Beer Permits/Liquor Licenses

The City Clerk’s office processes all beer permits and liquor licenses in accordance with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division’s rules and regulations. All beer permits and liquor licenses must be approved by the City Council. If you have any questions regarding the various types of permits and licenses and the corresponding fees and restrictions, please call the State of Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division at 515-281-7400. For city procedural questions, please call the City Clerk’s office at 515-262-9368.

Block Party/Street Closing Permit
Neighborhoods may apply for and hold block parties. The application form explains all the requirements. The City will place temporary barricades on each end of the block for use during the party time period to allow activities to take place on the pavement. All home owners in the block must agree to the event and sign off on the form. Block Party/Street Closing Application

Fireworks Permit
The use or exploding of fireworks is prohibited in the City of Pleasant Hill, except when done in accordance with a permit authorized by the City Council. Upon receipt of a written application, the Council may permit the display and exploding of fireworks by any group or organization, if the fireworks will be handled by a authorized operator. Fireworks Display Permit

Noise Permit
From time to time residents and visitors to our community wish to hold events that would normally be in violation of laws and ordinances pertaining to noise. In an effort to allow such events and still maintain quality of life issues for our residents, the City of Pleasant Hill has developed an application process to allow outdoor events that have music or extraordinary noise. Noise Permit

Pet Licenses

A spayed or neutered pet may be licensed for a fee of $5.00 before June 30th; July 1st or thereafter, the fee is $7.50. A non-spayed or non-neutered pet may be licensed for a fee of $10.00 before June 30th; July 1st or thereafter, the fee is $15.00. To purchase a pet license, simply bring a current rabies vaccination certificate for your dog or cat to City Hall, 5160 Maple Drive during regular business hours, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Mon - Fri.

Solicitors/Peddlers/Transient Merchants
Each individual who is conducting door-to-door residential sales, for immediate or future sales, or has a temporary sales location, must obtain a license (Peddler/Solicitor's Permit or Transient Merchant License). The licenses can be obtained for a period of one day up to one year. Rates vary based on the length of the license. Charitable and non-profit organizations are exempt from certain requirements of the Municipal Code. Hours of operation also apply. Please contact the City Clerk’s office for more information at 515-262-9368 during regular business hours.

Tobacco/Cigarette Licenses
The City Clerk’s Office issues cigarette licenses in accordance with State regulations and with City Council approval. The licenses run on a fiscal year basis (July 1 through June 30) and cost $100. Although licenses cannot be issued for more than one year, they can be issued for shorter periods of time and the cost may be pro-rated by quarter. Please call the City Clerk’s office at 515-262-9368 for more information and/or please visit the state's website at

Please check our Pleasant Hill Code of Ordinances for more detailed information on all license and permit requirements.