Iowa Food Cooperative Drop Site

The Iowa Food Cooperative and the City of Pleasant Hill are partnering to offer a community pick-up site at the Pleasant Hill Public Library for locally sourced products.

Pleasant Hill is partnering with the Iowa Food Cooperative for a new distribution site to provide local food purchasing opportunities to the community. The Iowa Food Cooperative hosts a unique platform for consumers to buy Iowa products online for distribution to their community on a bi-weekly basis.

You have an opportunity to begin purchasing from the Iowa Food Cooperative: an online farmer's market starting on November 26 (times shown on the graph below) for a bi-weekly distribution at the Pleasant Hill Public Library, 5151 Maple Drive, Pleasant Hill from 5 to 6 p.m.   

Common Questions

What is the Iowa Food Cooperative?

The Iowa Food Cooperative is an online ordering system for Iowa produced food. Members have access to over 1,500 Iowa produced products, which are order on a bi-weekly schedule. The mission of the Iowa Food Cooperative is to facilitate farmer-consumer relationships and build our farms and communities through web-based marketing of Iowa products. To find out more, visit

Why Should I participate in the program?

The Iowa Food Cooperative provides convenient, year-round access to hundreds of food and non-food products directly from Iowa farmers and artisans. This program allows for you to know where your food comes from and the people that produce it. All of the products are sold by producers who have grown, made, or raised each item. 85% of the purchase price goes straight to the farmer-owner. The Iowa Food Cooperative delivers to YOUR community - you can begin ordering online and picking up at your Pleasant Hill Library this December!

How does it work?

  • Log on to the Iowa Food Coop website: 
  • Create an account: ‘Join Now’
  • Choose trial membership
  • Type Pleasant Hill pilot in Additional info box
  • Open a Shopping Basket
  • Select Pick-Up Location: Pleasant Hill
  • Start Shopping and select the products you would like to purchase
  • **please note, any items selected and left in your shopping cart will be purchased**
  • Choose method of payment: Onsite with cash or check or online with PayPal.
  • Pick up on the specified dates below at the Pleasant Hill Public Library
Shopping Cart Opening and Closing and Delivery Days

 Cart Opens (Tuesdays)

Cart Closes at Noon (Mondays)

Delivery Day (Thursdays)

February 21

February 27

March 2

March 7

March 13

March 16

March 21

March 27

March 30
April 4

April 10

April 13

April 18

April 24

April 27
May 2

May 8

May 11

May 16

May 22

May 25
May 30

June 5

June 8

June 13
June 19

June 22

June 27

July 3

July 6

Pleasant Hill Pick Up Site 
Pleasant Hill Public Library
5151 Maple Drive, Pleasant Hill
5 to 6 p.m.