Grow Pleasant Hill


To develop a unique, inter-connected regional community that cultivates health through innovation and thriving economy.   


Grow Pleasant Hill is fostering a unique and creative suburb; promoting quality of life by:
  • Partnering with our neighbors; 
  • Creating a space for food businesses to thrive; 
  • Offering creative opportunities for everyone to access healthy foods; 
  • Promoting wellness in education and project collaboration. 

Core Values

Collaboration and Partnership:  community through relationships based on passion, expertise and skills critical to the development and sustainability for our regional transformation.  

Inclusion: access to community food system components, regardless of income, race, gender, or location; encouragement  of under-represented people to be leaders in decision-making processes. 

Awareness: education and outreach about health, wellness and food systems that encourage all people to advocate and implement priorities  

Innovation and Creativity: creative and dynamic opportunities through innovative strategies that will enhance overall quality of life to live and play. 

Economic Development: a suburb of choice; attracting residential development and promoting opportunities for businesses related to health and food sectors.