City of Pleasant Hill

Posted on: May 5, 2017

Fire hydrant replacements within the City

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants are one of the most important tools firefighters utilize during fire fighting operations. It is imperative hydrants are well maintained to ensure they operate as planned during an emergency.

In the City of Pleasant Hill, Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) maintains the public fire hydrants. Each public fire hydrant receives regular maintenance on a three-year rotating schedule. DMWW has begun replacing 20 fire hydrants within the City this year.

Below is a list of the hydrants being replaced this year

  1. S. Hickory Blvd & Pine Valley Dr
  2. E Oakwood Dr (4302)
  3. E Oakwood Dr (4408)
  4. E Oakwood Dr (4474)
  5. E Oakwood Dr (4547)
  6. E Oakwood Dr (4674)
  7. S. Pleasant Hill Blvd (500)
  8. S. Pleasant Hill Blvd (360)
  9. S. Pleasant Hill Blvd (250)
  10. Kimberly Ln (4700)
  11. Kimberly Ln (500)
  12. Dee Dr (4748)
  13. Parkview Dr & Schaffer Blvd
  14. Parkview Dr (4734)
  15. Schaffer Blvd (423)
  16. Parkridge Ave Across from (4551)
  17. Schaffer Blvd & Parkridge Ave
  18. Parkridge Ave (4620)
  19. Parkridge Ave & S Hickory Blvd
  20. Parkridge Ave Across from (5288)

As you drive through the City and other metro area communities, you may notice the fire hydrants are color coded. The color indicates how much water is available for fighting a fire from that hydrant. The bonnet is painted a specific color in accordance with National Fire Prevention Association Standard 291. This color coding allows fire fighters to quickly determine which hydrants in a given area will provide the best flow of water for fighting a fire. The different colors represent the flow available from the hydrant in gallons per minute.

  • Red = 0 to 500 gallons per minute
  • Orange = 500 to 1,000 gallons per minute
  • Green = more than 1,000 gallons per minute

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