The Pleasant Hill Building Department performs all types of residential and commercial construction inspections Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Inspections are typically scheduled a day in advance to coordinate the inspectors schedule and some inspections can be combined. For additional information or to schedule an inspection, contact the Building Department at 515-309-9461.

 What Inspections are Required for Construction on Residential Properties?

  1. New Home
  2. Residential Addition
  3. Basement Finish
  4. Interior Remodel
  5. Garage
  6. Sidewalk / Approach
  7. Accessory Structure / Shed
  8. Deck / Ramp / Covered Porch
  9. Fence
  10. Swimming Pool / Hot Tub
  11. Egress Window
New Home
Inspection Type
When to Call


Before concrete is poured


Before concrete is poured

Electrical Temp Pole

Contact Mid-American Energy


Before back-fill

Water/Sewer Service

Before covering; drainage pipe with 10’ head and gravel bed


Before covering; 10’ head, wet or 5 psi air test, gravel bed, staked down

Shear Wall Nails

Every 3”, #8s. including sill plate.  Straps on headers. Can inspect during framing

Plumbing Rough-in*

Before insulation or drywall; plumbing- wet or air test @ 5 psi (PVC), 90 psi water lines/PEX

Water Meters

Contact DMWW; Irrigation meters required, ‘add on’ system and set for a 1” meter

Electrical Rough-in*

Before insulation or drywall; ground, panel & meter box installed

HVAC Rough-in*

Before insulation


Before insulation or drywall, after all mechanicals are roughed in

Insulation/Energy Code

3rd party performance test paperwork required

Sidewalk & Approach

Before concrete is poured, granular compacted gravel.  Stop box cap sleeved with metal

Final Inspection**

All work completed
* Rough-ins and Framing inspections can be combined
** Structure cannot be occupied until final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.