Winter Weather Response

Snow Storm Responsibilities


The Public Works Department will have drivers running 24-hours a day when a major snow storm hits. It is important to follow the snow ordinance and remove any parked cars in the streets.

Snow plow

Snow and Ice Control

Snow and ice control in the event of a snow emergency is accomplished as efficiently as possible with Public Works operations. During a snow event, the Public Works Department attempts to maintain an adequate driving surface for properly equipped vehicles and drivers prepared for winter driving conditions, and to provide pedestrians with safe routes of travel.

Click here for detailed information on how streets are prioritized. The routes are determined by street classification and proximity. Equipment operators focus on these routes when the snow begins to fall and they will continue to be a priority until the snow stops. 

Snow Emergency Parking Ban

If forecasts indicate that two inches of snow or more is probably, the City of Pleasant Hill may begin proactive notification that the snow ordinance will go into effect. When a snow emergency parking ban is declared no parking will be allow on any city streets. The parking ban will be in place for a 48-hour period after the snowfall ends. The parking ban may be extended, only if conditions warrant.

Click here to view the violation and fine for parking on city streets while the snow emergency parking ban is in place.

No Parking Ban

Responsibility of Property Owners

It is the responsibility of property owners to keep sidewalks clear of snow and/or ice, 24-hours after a snow fall ends. If the sidewalk is not cleared, the City will advise tenants and property owners to keep sidewalks clean and clear. However, if this duty is neglected, the snow and ice will be removed at the cost of the owner. This cost may be billed or assessed against the property in the same manner as a property tax. 

The City may also choose to issue a citation to the property owner in the amount of $30 for the first violation and $75 for each subsequent violation.   

In addition, snow cannot be moved or deposited onto neighboring properties or in public streets. Property owners found to be in violation of this ordinance may be subject to assessments or fines.
Responsibility of property owners to clear snow from sidewalks
Fire Hydrants
Residents are encouraged to keep a three foot clearance around fire hydrants to ensure they are accessible, in the event of a fire. If you do not have a hydrant in your yard, consider adopting one. This is a great way to ensure it is always clear during a snow event.
Snow from fire hydrant
In order to ensure letter carriers are able to provide safe and timely mail delivery, clear enough snow from curbside boxes to allow mail trucks to approach the box, deliver the mail and to drive away from the box without danger of the need for backing. The carrier needs to get in, and then out, without leaving the vehicle or backing up.

Snow from community mailbox

Repair of Damaged Property

Snow and ice control operations may cause property damage to improvements in the public right-of-way, even under the best of circumstances and watchful care of equipment operators.

The City will restore sod areas damaged by City snowplows during snow removal operations in the spring when weather permits the restoration. All other damage within the public right-of-way is the responsibility of the property owner including, but not limited to, trees, shrubs, bushes, landscaping materials, decorative rock or concrete, and lawn/landscaping irrigation systems.

Residents are also responsible for assuring that their mailbox is properly installed and that the mailbox meets the standards set by the United States Postal Service (USPS) regarding delivery and collection of mail to curbside boxes. A figure of the USPS standard is shown below.

Snow & Ice Control Policy

Click here to view the snow and ice control policy.