Street Cleaning


The Public Works Department sweeps all city streets three to four times per year. The staff will also sweep routes for parades and running events when needed. We urge residents to NOT rake or blow their leaves into the streets. Even if those street leaves don't blow away right away, leaves are crushed by car tires and mixed with rain, making a rich "nutrient tea" that flows along the gutter into storm drains.

Although leaves seem "natural" and harmless, excess leaves pose a threat to the health of our surface water. When it rains, leaves are washed into storm drains, and then they begin to decay. Leaves release nutrients that contribute to algae. Excess algae make recreation activities unpleasant, plus decomposing algae uses up oxygen in the water which, in turn, suffocates fish.

Street Sweeping

Problems or Concerns

Report an issue or concern directly to the Public Works Department