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scavenger hunt

New Scavenger Hunt! Friday, March 27th.

Hello Everyone! We know how much the kids like the scavenger hunts at the library, so here is a challenge for you! Look around your yard to find items for this scavenger hunt! If you cannot find them, draw them! Write (practice those letters!) or draw a picture of what you find! Once we open up, bring in your completed scavenger hunt for a prize!

Find these signs of spring:

1.    A bird

2.    A flower starting to sprout

3.    Green Grass

4.    A tree starting to bud

5.    Puddle after a rain shower

6.    Squirrel

7.    A worm

8.    Dirt/mud

spring craft
Spring has sprung! Get out a piece of paper, a green crayon, paints, and a FORK! Then make a vase of colorful tulips!

Duck & Goose by Tad Hills is available on ebook!


CKC fall 2018
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We will be having two shoiwngs of Frozen II on March 19th. Join us at either 2pm or 6pm!

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