Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the school resource officers vary from school to school. A diverse range of duties can be incorporated into the School Resource Officer (SRO) job description. Some functions served by the SRO include: law enforcement officer, public safety specialist, community liaison and problem solver, law-related educator, and positive role model.

Terms and Conditions of School Resource Officers
Pursuant to the provisions in Chapter 28E, 2005 Code of Iowa, it is hereby agreed by the parties as follows:
  1. City agrees that the Pleasant Hill Police Department shall provide the following services within the facilities and grounds of the District Office, Southeast Polk Junior High, Senior High, Spring Creek and elementary schools located in the city limits of the City of Pleasant Hill:
    a. Enforcement of state laws.
    b.    Enforcement of local ordinances.
    c.    Coordination, collaboration and provision of security during school hours.
    d.    Coordination and provision of security during sporting events, activities, special events, and other related extracurricular events, as requested by the district.
    e.    Teaching and assisting with drug prevention programs at elementary schools in the City of Pleasant Hill and other schools as agreed upon.
    f.    Provision of short programs covering law enforcement related subjects, as requested by the district.
    g.    Monitoring the parking lots during high traffic times.
    h.    Work in coordination with the juvenile court.
    i.    Daily interacting with the students, parents, and faculty to develop positive relationships. 

    j. Other duties as determined by mutual agreement of the Pleasant Hill Police Department and the district, including attendance at SEP School Board meetings. In the event neither of the two school resource officers is able to attend the SEP School Board meeting, the Pleasant Hill Police Department will provide another officer if possible, at no cost to the District.
  2. Law enforcement will be provided with a minimum of two patrol vehicles and two patrol persons within the facilities and grounds of the district for 40 hours per week for a period of 39 weeks (180 school days). One of the police department staff will be assigned to the high school property and one will be assigned to the junior high school. The final schedule decisions shall be made by the city.

  3. The district agrees the City of Pleasant Hill is not responsible for providing continuous surveillance for any twenty-four hour period, unless in the opinion of the city, the threat of criminal activity warrants such surveillance.

  4. The number of hours of service provided, or the number of patrol vehicles, or the number of patrol persons, may be increased or decreased upon mutual agreement of both parties.

  5. Upon the occurrence of an emergency requiring the police department to withdraw the patrol person(s) or patrol vehicle(s) assigned to the District and the services cannot be returned within 1.5 hours, the city agrees to provide services at a later time for the period of time that the services were withdrawn.

  6. Patrol persons assigned to the district as a result of the agreement shall, where applicable, file charges under the municipal ordinances. If the municipality has no ordinance, the charge may be filed under the applicable state statute. The police department or patrol person shall retain discretion at all times to determine whether or not it is appropriate to file charges of any type.

  7. The police department shall make annual reports to the district, including a summary of the law enforcement activities occurring within the district.

  8. The district agrees that its officers, agents, and employees shall cooperate fully with the city in the performance of the city's duties.

  9. Assignment of duties, discipline of city employees, and all matters incident to the performance of the duties of city employees shall remain the responsibility of the city and its officers, employees, and 18 commissions. The district shall provide requested information and reports to facilitate the city's assignment and supervision of personnel.

  10. The city shall be responsible for the payment of salary wages and/or any other compensation or benefits to any city employee providing services under this agreement unless otherwise expressly agreed upon by the parties. Except as otherwise specified in this agreement, the district shall not be liable for compensation to any city employee for worker's compensation claim for injury or sickness occurring while the employee undertakes duties in fulfillment of this agreement.

  11. Any cost increases to the city occurring as a result of actions taken by the United States Government or the State of Iowa which increases the costs of wages, insurance for employees, or other benefits shall be mutually agreed upon by both parties.