Alarm Ordinance

False alarms cost the City of Pleasant Hill and its citizens hundreds of dollars per year and take police officers away from actual emergencies. To prevent unnecessary emergency responses to false alarms, the City of Pleasant Hill adopted an alarm ordinance. The ordinance encourages all alarm users to maintain the mechanical reliability of their alarm system and to properly operate their alarm equipment.

When an alarm system is activated, it causes a public nuisance. The maximum number of false alarms is one per calendar year. New alarm installations are granted a 30 day break-in and adjustment period.

Click here to view the Municipal Code regarding the ordinance.

The Police Department considers a false alarm as follows: 

  • Negligently or accidentally activated signals.
  • Signals resulting from mechanical or electronic failure, malfunction, improper installation, improper adjustment, or improper maintenance.
  • Weather related, except severe weather such as a tornado.
  • Signals purposely activated in non-emergency situations.

As a citizen, it’s easy to prevent a false alarm. Common causes of a false alarm include:

  • Weak system batteries.
  • Wandering pets.
  • Open, unlocked, or loose fitting doors and windows.
  • Cleaning crews, real estate agents, contractors and house sitters.
  • Employees or family members untrained on the operation of the alarm system.

For each false alarm beyond the number permitted, fees will be assessed (effective: 10/21/2021).

  • Each false intrusion alarm - $50.00.
  • Each false hold-up alarm - $50.00.
  • The first false fire alarm - $25.00.
  • Each second and third false fire alarm - $50.00.
  • Each fourth, fifth and sixth false fire alarm - $75.00.
  • Each seventh, eighth and ninth false fire alarm - $100.00.
  • Each false fire alarm after nine (9) - $200.00.

Burglar/Intrusion alarms will be counted as a cancelled alarm, if the monitoring center notifies the Police prior to the dispatching of the call to an officer.

If you need additional training on the operation of your alarm system or an alarm maintenance check, please contact your specific alarm installation company directly.

Alarm companies are required to provide the city with a list of their existing alarm users. If you have recently installed an alarm or are getting ready to install one, please be sure the company provides this information.