Sign Code

Pleasant Hill's Sign Code  was set up to establish a compatibility of sign usage with the land use patterns and standards for the zoning district, and to permit such signs which will not detract from the community's aesthetic attractiveness, create a hazard, confuse or mislead traffic, obstruct vision necessary for traffic safety, or otherwise endanger the public health or safety. This code only regulates signs by their physical characteristics and not by their message. 

Please contact the Building Department at 515-309-9461 for more information about sign ordinances

Sign Regulation Table  

Sign Design Standards

Permit Requirements

All signs require a building permit, unless one of the following applies:

  • Government signs and government flags, as defined herein this chapter, are exempt from the Sign Regulations, the Sign Design Standards, and the Sign Permits and Fees requirement.
  • Signs located within the confines of a building, except those that are defined as window signs.
  • Building addresses on buildings and signs as required by the City. 
  • Directory signs as required by the City Fire Department for emergency identification.   
  • Works of art - defined as any mural painting or decoration, inscription, mosaic, painted glass, base-relief, or other similar art form of a permanent character that is intended for decoration, ornament, or commemoration and that is applied to, placed upon, or erected on any lot or parcel or wall of any building or structure.  A work of art shall not incorporate logos, advertisements, or other commercial speech nor shall a work of art contain images, letters, symbols or other representations designed to identify or market any commercial activities contained upon the site on which it is located.     
  • Temporary Signs, as listed in Chapter 170.08 Sign Types, are exempt from the Sign Permits and Fees requirement.

Permits should be accompanied by:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of the applicant.        
  • Location of building, structure or lot to which or upon which the sign is to be attached or erected.        
  • Position of sign in relation to nearby buildings, structures or streets.        
  • One blueprint or drawing of the plans, specifications, and method of construction and attachment to the building or ground.
  • Copy of stress sheets and calculations showing the sign is designed for live and dead loads and wind pressure loads in any direction in the amount required by this and all other applicable laws and ordinances.

The City reserves the right to remove any signs placed on City property and in the right-of-way (170.18).

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