Community Projects


Pleasant Hill Boulevard/Vandalia Road Intersection Improvement

Project Description: The intersection improvement project will realign the intersection of South Pleasant Hill Boulevard and Vandalia Road and will raise the roadway out of the 500-year floodplain, consolidate two uncontrolled railroad crossings into one signalized crossing, add pedestrian improvements and trail and reconstruct the on-ramp to the Highway 65 bypass. The alignment of the intersection is set to align with the future connection of the Southeast Connector, locally known as Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.

Project Update: Major milestones to complete are the final paving to reopen new roadways in October, reconstruction of culvert under SE Vandalia Dr, repairs to bridge decking over Fourmile Creek, and plantings.

Estimated Cost: The estimated project cost for construction is over $10,000,000. Federal funds have been received to cost share construction in the amount of $7,900,000.

Contractor: Elder Corporation

Estimated Project Timeline: Construction began in late 2018 with an anticipated construction window of 18 months. The new roadway is projected to be open in Fall 2020 with minor work being completed through winter and project completion in Spring 2021. 

Design Engineer: Scott Almeida, Kirkham Michael

City Staff Contact: Madeline Sturms, Community Development Director 

Traffic Adaptive Signal Control on

E University Avenue

Project Description: Installation of Adaptive Signal Control Technology for all 13 intersections on E University Ave from Copper Creek Drive to NE 80th Street will allow for faster responses to traffic conditions. An Adaptive Signal Control adjusts the timing of traffic lights to accommodate changing traffic patterns and eases congestion versus the current time-of-day signal timing schedule. According to the Department of Transportation, the new technology will improve travel time reliability by progressively moving vehicles through green lights, reduce congestion by creating smoother flow, and prolong the effectiveness of traffic signal timing. Similar systems have been implemented with great success in other Metro cities.

Project Update: Rhythm Engineering was awarded the contract to provide the Adaptive Signal Control System. Iowa Signal will be doing some traffic signal detection improvements and fiber upgrading along the corridor. This work will improve the detection systems at all intersections and communication between traffic signals. Iowa Signal will also be installing the Rhythm Adaptive System in the signal cabinets throughout the corridor as well. 

Estimated Cost: The estimated project cost for the installation of the traffic adaptive technology is $951,000. The City of Pleasant Hill has received a grant for $643,900 from the Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program and the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Contractor: Iowa Signal Inc.

Estimated Project Timeline: Construction is anticipated to begin in Fall 2020 and be completed in Spring 2021.

Design Engineer: Snyder and Associates

City Staff Contact: Russ Paul, Public Works Assistant Director

NE 70th Street Reconstruction (including 400' of Meacham Drive)

Project Description: NE 70th Street between University Avenue and NE Rising Sun Drive will undergo a complete reconstruction to bring the road design to current safety standards. The reconstruction will include an intersection (roundabout) at NE 70th Street and NE Rising Sun Drive and be designed to eventually continue further south and create a new boulevard section which connects to SE 6th Avenue at SE 68th Street near Four Mile Elementary School.

Project Update: Roadway construction has completed and the roundabout is open to the public. Final landscaping items will be completed in Spring 2020. The project will also include a public art piece in the roundabout. 

Estimated Cost: $2,870,000

Contractor: Elder Corporation

Estimated Project Timeline: Final punchlist items will be completed in Spring of 2020. 

Design Engineer: Eric Cannon, Snyder and Associates

City Staff Contact: Madeline Sturms, Community Development Director

Pleasant Hill Boulevard Vandalia
ICAAP PleasantHill_Adaptive_Signal
70th Street
NE 70th Street Project Overview

NE 60th Street/Morning Star Court Reconstruction/Martha L Miller Drive Construction

Project Description: Project includes the widening of NE 60th Street, relocation and reconstruction of Morning Start Court, pedestrian improvements at the intersection of University Avenue and NE 60th Street and construction of 1,300’ of Martha L. Miller Drive from NE 60th Street to the east. A redesigned intersection of NE 60th Street and University Avenue would improve safety and capacity through the intersection as well as add additional car stacking distance by relocating the intersection of NE 60th Street and Morning Star Court to the south. 

Project Update: The project was bid in Fall of 2020 and construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2021. 

Estimated Cost: $2,700,000

Contractor: Absolute Concrete Construction

Estimated Project Timeline: The City anticipates a contractor to begin work in Spring of 2021 with completion of the Morning Star and NE 60th Street project in Fall of 2021 and Martha L Miller extension completed during the 2022 construction season.

Design Engineer: Eric Cannon, Snyder
and Associates

City Staff Contact: Ben Champ, City Manager


Woodland Drive Construction (Connection from Pleasant Ridge Estates to SE 55th Street)

Project Description: The Pleasant Ridge Estates neighborhood located on South Shadyview Boulevard currently only has one roadway access. To provide for increased accessibility for emergency services and residents, a new roadway has been designed which would connect from the east side of the subdivision to SE 55th Street named Woodland Drive.

Project Update: Street lights from Mid American are the only outstanding item. 

Estimated Cost: $430,000

Contractor: Sandstone Management

Estimated Project Timeline: Formally opens to traffic in spring 2020.

Design Engineer: Eric Cannon, Snyder and Associates

City Staff Contact: Madeline Sturms, Community Development Director  

Woodland Drive - Connection to 55th

Park and Trail Projects
Parks in Progress

The City of Pleasant Hill has multiple new, and exciting park projects underway! Please pardon our mess as we make progress in the parks!


Regional Projects
Southeast Connector/Martin Luther King Jr Parkway Extension

Project Description: The City of Pleasant Hill has been working with the City of Des Moines to plan, construct, and apply for funding for the Southeast Connector/Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway Extension as a transportation corridor connecting the Highway 5/65 Bypass to downtown Des Moines for over a decade.

Project Update: The City of Des Moines completed a new section of the roadway to extend to 30th Street in 2016. The intersection improvements at Pleasant Hill Boulevard and Vandalia Road are designed to accommodate the future connection of the Southeast Connector. Due to federal funding requirements, no additional federal funds can be used to construct the project until at least 2021. Planning is still underway.

Estimated Cost: The connection between 30th Street and the Pleasant Hill Intersection which spans through Des Moines and Pleasant Hill is anticipated to cost $40,000,000.

Contractor: TBD

Estimated Project Timeline: TBD

Design Professional: Scott Almeida, Kirkham Michael

City Staff Contact: Madeline Sturms, Community Development Director

Southeast Connector

​Water Trails

Project Description: The Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization received funding from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to develop a regional water trails plan. Now developed, the plan provides the region a road-map for enhancing citizen experiences in and along the waterways in Greater Des Moines.

Project Update: The Water Trails Engineering Study has been completed. This study examines a list of recommended projects more closely and determines feasibility and estimated costs. The study examined the Pleasant Hill Boat Ramp for potential improvements such as concrete parking lot, lighting, trail connections, and boat launch. 

Estimated Cost: $1,400,000.00

Estimated Project Timeline: The regional effort has received federal funding for a series of downtown improvements to begin the water recreation efforts. 

Design Professional: ISG Engineering

City Staff Contact: Ben Champ, City Manager

Boat Ramp

Commerical Projects

Casey’s General Store – 1175 NE 75th Street

Morgan Oaks LLC – 4600 Vandalia Road 

Burger King - 5401 E University Avenue

Tasty Tacos Office - 5040 Maple Drive 

Premier RV & Boat Storage - 5620 NE 12th Avenue

Ongoing Community Planning Projects

Zoning Code Update

Corridor Crossing Study

ADA Transition Plan

Storm Sewer GIS Mapping

Sanitary Sewer GIS Mapping

Cemetery Mapping