Irrigation Meter Requirements

All new residential and commercial construction projects are required to have two water meters.  The primary meter measures internal consumption of water and sewer and the second meter, commonly referred to as an irrigation meter (a.k.a water-only, agricultural, or secondary meter) measures consumption of water only.  Irrigation (water only) meters are meters that have not had the water previously registered by another meter. 

For many communities, outdoor water use, such as filling a swimming pool, washing the car, sprinklers, etc., is the largest single end use of water and thus provides the greatest opportunity to achieve customer water savings, both residential and commercial. The irrigation meter measures all water used for landscape, irrigation, and outdoor water use not discharged into the sewer system.  The amount of water measured by the irrigation meter is added to the monthly water bill but is not charged sewer rates or an additional minimum monthly charge.

Irrigation meters are to be installed on a tee, off the inlet service line right after the inlet valve.  This is commonly referred to as an ‘add on’ system – NOT a deduct system. Irrigation meter setting needs to be for a 1” meter.

Irrigation Meter Installation Diagram

All meter installation and repairs within The City of Pleasant Hill shall be permitted and performed by a State of Iowa Licensed Master A Plumber.  Permits and inspections are required by City of Pleasant Hill Building Department, 515-309-9461.  Water meters and meter inspections are obtained from Des Moines Water Works, 515-283-8700.

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