What will happen if I can’t find a contractor to do the repair work? Is there a penalty?
If the repairs are not completed by the deadline stated in the first notification letter, the City will send a certified notice asking the homeowner to reconstruct the sidewalks within a reasonable time. If such action is not completed within the time stated, the Building Office will take charge of the repair work and will invoice you the costs the City incurs.

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1. When will my sidewalks be inspected?
2. Is a permit required?
3. How much will the City charge to repair my sidewalk?
4. If the City repairs my sidewalk, what method of repair is done?
5. What will happen if I can’t find a contractor to do the repair work? Is there a penalty?
6. If I have the City repair my sidewalk, will my property be assessed?
7. How long will I have to complete the sidewalk repairs?
8. Why are property owners responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks?
9. I only want to be inconvenienced once; can I repair the sidewalk squares that are the City’s responsibility when I repair mine?
10. Can I fix more squares than what is marked?
11. Is there funding available to help pay for the repairs?
12. Can the City recommend a contractor?
13. What type of contracts would I search for to make the repairs?
14. Do I have to hire a contractor or can I repair the sidewalk myself?
15. Will the City inspect the forms and grade?
16. What are the acceptable methods to repair my sidewalk?
17. What do I do if the squares marked on my inspection form are actually adjacent to my neighbor’s property?
18. I sold the property, should I call the City?
19. What if I disagree with the squares marked?
20. I have seen other squares worse than mine, why weren’t they marked?
21. When the repairs have been made, do I need to notify the City?