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Let's Talk Parks

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  2. 1. Which park do you visit the most?
  3. How often do you visit the park/trail?*
  4. 2. Which park are you currently at?
  5. 3. What is your first impression when you come into the park? (Include positive items and suggested improvements)
  6. 4. How would you rank the overall condition of the grounds?
  7. 5. How do you prefer to receive updates about our parks, programs, and special events?
  8. Please select a response.*
  9. 6. Which would you identify as barriers to your participation in programs?
  10. Please select a response.*
  11. Please select programs you are aware of OR have participated in previously.*
  12. 7. If offered, would you participate in ADULT SPORTS LEAGUES?
  13. Please select a response.*
  14. 8. If you could pick ONE new class to be offered, what would it be?
  15. 9. Of the following, what type of programs would you like to see the Department offer more of?
  16. Please select a response.*
  17. 10. What 3 park improvements or additions would you like to see?
  18. Please select a response.*
  19. 11. Which park improvement do you think would make the most immediate impact for you and your family?
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