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Enter to Win a Rain Barrel

  1. Interested in winning a free rain barrel?

    Fill out the survey below and be sure to fill out your contact information. A winner will be randomly selected and notified in April. Entrants MUST be a Pleasant Hill resident. Learn more on what the City is doing to protect stormwater by visiting

  2. Is stormwater runoff treated before entering our local streams?*

  3. Do you know what a watershed is?*

  4. How important to you is water quality in creeks & streams?*

  5. Where do your gutters drain?*

  6. When you mow the grass or rake leaves, what do you do with the grass clippings or leaves?*

  7. If/when you wash your vehicle at home, does the dirty wash-water flow?*

  8. Do you have any native vegetation (big/small bluestem, pale purple coneflower, etc.) on your property?

  9. Do you pick up your pet’s waste from sidewalks, streets and yards?*

  10. What is your favorite aquatic activity?*

  11. **City employees are not eligible to win.

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